News 74

News 74

Depa present
the movable plastic flooring

Suitable for campgrounds, trailers, vans, stages, trade show stands, mini-clubs, childcare centres, nursery schools, swimming pools, gyms, dressing rooms, garages, workrooms, attics, walkways, boats and workshops.

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Thickness of merely 7 mm.

High quality PVC


Resistant to chemical products, sound absorbent, insulating, comfortable and decorative;

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Sound absorbent and insulating

Easy to install


With no need for specialised personnel;

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Made up of tiles

Measuring 250x250 mm


With a thickness of merely 7 mm. and weighs 8.160 Kg. per square metre;

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Available in various colors

Suitable for
trade show stands


Resistant to UV rays, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Helps to eliminate the formation of mildew, bacteria and fungi
COMPO-FLOOR drains water away

Thanks to a special series of grooves underneath the tiles.

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via Tolotti 2/B 
Phone (39) 0364.360.260

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