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Depa S.r.l.
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ITALY - via Tolotti 2/B



Depa: quality and innovation

The technological and constructive innovation, combined with the use of the top quality materials, have always distinguished our production with special respect for the environment.

Who we are

DEPA was established in 1972
thanks to the intuition of its founder,
Pietro Devescovi.


Since the outset the company
has produced technical items for swimming pools,
non-slip portable flooring, beach walkways
and technical sports flooring solutions.


Thanks to its extensive experience in the field, professionalism and specialist expertise, DEPA can offer top quality products at competitive prices.
The attention the company focuses on the needs of its customers has led DEPA to consistently produce innovative and cutting-edge products that satisfy even the most demanding of requirements.


The company is structured in such a way that it can both satisfy the demand for small orders and cater for larger-scale production requirements. Fast delivery times are guaranteed by an efficient service, a highly flexible production structure and the permanent availability of stock.


DEPA is also committed to protecting the environment through the use of raw materials that do not contain heavy metals.
Worthy of note is the adoption of Green PVC swimming pool matting.

You have good reasons to prefer Depa products

Depa Logo

Since 1972 we work with passion.

Thanks to many years of experience, professionalism and specialization, we are able to offer high quality products at low cost.

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