Passion and innovation distinguish us

DEPA was established in 1972 thanks to the intuition of its founder, Pietro Devescovi

We pay much attention to customer requests

Innovative products can able to satisfy particular requirementsi

Depa is committed to protecting the environment

We only use raw materials without heavy metals and Green PVC

Depa is committed to environmental protection

We only use raw materials free of heavy metals and Green PVC.


More than 50 years together

Depa was founded in 1972. Our “core business” is the production and sale of technical articles for swimming pools such as gratings, floating lanes, pvc and liner profiles, drainage drains, ladders and also portable non-slip floors and beach walkways, all in compliance with FINA, FIN, DIN, EN, RoHS and REACH regulations.

Over the years, we have established profitable business relationships in more than 81 countries around the world. Our main goal is complete customer satisfaction. Every day we listen carefully to individual requirements and propose the most suitable solutions.

We respect the environment

We have always been firmly committed to protecting the environment, adopting a policy of using raw materials free of heavy metals.

In particular, we would like to emphasise our choice to use ‘Green PVC’ for the production of our pool gratings, a material that is 100% recyclable.

With these actions, we demonstrate our deep respect for the ecosystem and our commitment to a more sustainable future.


Thanks to many years of experience, professionalism and specialisation, we are able to provide excellent quality products at highly competitive costs. Constant attention to customer requirements has led Depa to create products that are always innovative and cutting-edge, capable of satisfying the most particular needs.

The company is organised both to meet the demand for small batches and to handle larger scale production. We guarantee fast deliveries through efficient service, a highly flexible production structure and constant stock availability, thus ensuring maximum convenience for our customers.

Nicola Devescovi interviewed by the trade magazine HA Wellbeing

We are pleased to present you with an interview with DEPA’s managing director Nicola Devescovi, which appeared in the trade magazine HA Wellbeing no. 1-2023.

The year 2022 marked the 50th anniversary of DEPA, a small Italian company and one of the best expressions of Made in Italy in the swimming pool accessories sector. A fine milestone for a company born almost by chance, from the idea of engineer Pietro Devescovi, who in Mantua saw the possibility of creating a suitable environment for a group of youngsters who shared a passion for swimming. Why not build a structure suitable for training, a pool designed according to the most innovative systems of the time? An overflow pool with a channel for draining the water to ensure better circulation and water quality.

Out of that simple necessity came the first grating suitable for ensuring that water could drain away efficiently and allow safe walking around the pool. And so the first product saw the light of day. Since then, the company has greatly expanded its range of channel gratings as well as other technical articles for swimming pools, offering numerous customisation possibilities, as well as articles that meet the needs of the wellness and fitness world.

Today DEPA, thanks to its CEO Nicola Devescovi, who has been at the helm for over 30 years, is a healthy and constantly growing company: through his words we reconstruct the history and merits of this model company.

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The swimming pool products provide strength and durability Impact-resistant additives are added to provide improved resistance to stress and heavy loads.


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Portable floors require minimum maintenance Made with high-quality raw materials, resistant to UV rays and to mold and bacteria.

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