Curvable pool grating GR.47


Curvable pool grating GR. 47

Made with high quality PP.
The structure and reinforced slats ensure an extremely high weight load capacity.

The high specific gravity of the raw materials prevents the grating from floating.

Certified to be anti-slip in compliance with DIN 51097 standards.


Characteristics of the grating with elements perpendicular to the edge of the pool:

  • 25 mm high and 5 standard widths 180, 200, 205, 250 and 300 mm.;
  • 20 mm high and 295 mm. wide;
  • Supplied pre-assembled in sections 1 m. in length (considerably reducing installation time);
  • various colours (see the colour table). Minimum order quantity for colours other than white: 100 metres. Special colours: upon request;
  • supplied with herringbone corners (upon request);
  • high quality PP for a long life;
  • provide Safe and Hygiene walking grating;
  • simple handling and cleaning;
  • special for residential and commercial pools.


Manufactured in PP:

  • anti-UV additive: prevents plastic from yellowing caused by sunlight;
  • anti-shock additive: guarantees greater impact resistance;
  • free of cadmium and lead.

GR47 bendable grating is compatible with: CRX25, CRX20, CRX30, CRX35, CRX P1140, ES25 – P1117, GR25 – p1130, EA30 – P1136, GS30 – P1150, CM20 – P1141a, CR25 – P1142, CV25 – P1142A, AC25 – P1148, AC30/C – P1149, 34192, 19202, 52537, 28656, 28662


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Curvable pool grating GR.47

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Curvable pool grating GR.47

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