Parallel swimming pool grating GR.85


Parallel swimming pool grating GR. 85

Grating for linear gutters manufactured in high-quality PP, made with elements parallel to the edge of the pool.

The structure and the 24 reinforced cross sections guarantee a superior weight load capacity and mechanical resistance.



  • height 25 mm.;
  • standard width 245 mm.;
  • rigid with elements from 500 mm. in length (2 modules = 1 metre).

The high specific gravity of the raw materials prevents the grating from yellowing.


The PP utilised is made with:

  • anti-UV additive: prevents plastic from yellowing caused by the sun’s rays;
  • anti-shock additive: guarantees greater impact resistance;
  • free of heavy metals.


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Parallel grating for gutters GR.85

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Parallel swimming pool grating GR.85

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