Pool gratings for gutters GR. 2: choose the height and width that you want!

Pool gratings for gutters GR. 2: choose the height and width that you want!

Pool gratings for gutters GR. 2: choose the height and width that you want!

💫 Discover the versatility and elegance of the GR.2 grating
Hello! We are pleased to introduce you to our innovative GR.2 grating, a product that combines design and functionality, providing a unique experience. This premium quality rigid PVC gutter grating is designed to offer you a practical and durable solution without sacrificing aesthetics.

🌟 4 heights to meet your requirements
The GR.2 grating is available in four different heights: 22 mm (GR2/22), 25 mm (GR.2/25), 30 mm (GR.2/30) and 35 mm (GR.2/35). You can choose the one that best suits your needs, for an impeccable result.

📏 Customisable widths: from 100 mm to 900 mm
Our grid adapts perfectly to your needs thanks to the different widths available, ranging from 100 mm to 900 mm. Choose the ideal size according to your needs and create a customised environment!

💡 Unique features for a high quality product
The GR.2 grating is distinguished by its unique features:
Rollable: thanks to the extruded profiles on rubber rounds, the grid is easy to transport and install.
Rigid: assembled on threaded plastic (/N) or stainless steel (/S) (/T) bars, it guarantees durability.
Linear: with 2 spacers placed between the profiles, it adapts to any environment.
Bendable: uses a special elastic central spacer to automatically follow the contoured shape of the channels (/C) (/B) (/M).
Curved to design: thanks to spacers that are short on the inside and long on the outside, it adapts perfectly to the radius of curvature of the gutter.

🌈 Colours and accessories to personalise your environment
The GR.2 grating is available in various colours (see colour chart) and on request, we can make special colours to suit your style. In addition, the grill can be completed with herringbone corners for an extra touch of elegance.

🌱 High-quality and eco-friendly materials
Our grill is made of PVC, anti-UV additive, impact and rot-proof, and free of Cadmium and Lead. It complies with RoHS and REACH regulations, with eco-friendly and Green PVC formulations.

Contact us for more information and to discover all the options available.

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06 April 2023 - News

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