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Safe and secured with Grip-Deck

THE ANTI-SLIP FLOORING, HYGIENIC AND ANTIBACTERIAL.   Soft, high quality PVC, resistant to chemical products, UV rays, insulating, comfortable and available in a wide range of colours;   Anti-slip surface (DIN-certified) specially designed for wet environments such as swimming pools, dressing rooms and shower facilities, as well as gazebos verandas, gyms and paddocks;   The […]

Lane Ropes Gr. 31-15-24

Come back to pool for training! With reliability and safety of Depa lane ropes.   “EASY-LANE” LANE ROPES GR.31 Specially designed for training • disk diameter 85 mm. (14 per metre);   “SPEEDY-POOL” LANE ROPES GR.15 (BEST SELLING) Specially designed for competitions and training. • disk diam. 120 mm., (15 per metre);   “FLAT-LANES” LANE […]

Fast-Floor: on the beach and in the sea in an EASY and SAFE way

Fast-floor movable plastic flooring. Specially developed to protect or substitute pre-existing floors or to cover grass, soil or sand surfaces.   Characteristics: • quick and easy to install thanks to the front and lateral clipping system which allows a rapid and simple installation without the assistance of specialised personnel;   • suitable for installation on […]

Skirting-board in curvable pvc

Very resistant, made in rigid PVC plastic material: attractive, economical and functional.   Resistant to humidity and rotting. The colour of the PVC perfectly imitates wood’s. Washable with water and detergent.   Can be screwed and nailed, with the same consistency of wood. Installation: can be curved and bent without risk of breakage.   Available […]

ANTIWAVE DISK for lane ropes

Available in 3 dimensions: Ø 85 mm., Ø 120 mm. e Ø 150 mm. Disks in high quality PP made with additives to ensure superior resistance to chemical agents and weathering.   Specially designed for competitions and training and manufactured in compliance with FINA facility rules.   Read more >

When we talk about pool gratings, there’s no joking!

We produce 17 models of different gratings.   4 heights (22, 25, 30 and 35 mm.).   Any custom color.   Any width (from 100 mm to 900 mm.): Width up to 900 mm without the need for intermediate supports, but we can make even larger grids: 1000, 1100, 1200 mm ……   Our grill […]

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Since 1972 we work with passion.

Thanks to many years of experience, professionalism and specialization, we are able to offer high quality products at low cost.

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