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Perpendicular grating for gutter elements GR.2

Characteristics of the swimming pool gratings with elements perpendicular to the edge of the pool:   4 heights, 22 mm. (GR.2/22), 25 mm. (GR.2/25), 30 mm. (GR.2/30) and 35 mm. (GR.2/35); can be rolled-up by assembling the extruded profiles by means of rubber ropes; rigid, by means of extruded profiles assembled on plastic (/N) or […]

the beach walkway for excellence: Fast Floor

Made of high impact polypropylene, ideal for easy access to the beach for strollers and wheelchairs for the elderly and disabled;   • very robust, Fast Floor is made of high impact PP, resistant to weather, salt water and UV rays;   • the Fast Floor consists of elements with a size of 333×83 mm. […]

Starting blocks made in stainlees steel

GR. 25: The ideal solution for deck-level swimming pools (without a headwall). • electropolished AISI316 stainless steel; • height 70 cm.; • supplied with adjustable backstroke starting handle;   GR. 26: Ideal for swimming pools with masonry headwalls. • electropolished AISI316 stainless steel; • height 40 cm.; • supplied with adjustable backstroke starting handle;   […]

Parallel bendable grating for overflow swimming pools GR. 90

Manufactured using high quality PP.   Features: • height 22mm.; • width 245 mm.; • provided in already-assembled 1 m. pieces, • colour customization upon request, • supplied with herringbone corners (upon request).   The geometry we designed allows the grating to be extremely strong and resistant in order to enable great amount of weight […]

Movable flooring Fast Floor made in PP

Specially developed to protect or substitute pre-existing floors or to cover grass, soil or sand surfaces.   Characteristics: • quick and easy to install thanks to the front and lateral clipping system which allows a rapid and simple installation without the assistance of specialised personnel; • suitable for installation on almost any surface (sand, soil, […]

Anti-wave lane ropes “Speedy Pool” gr.15

Specially designed for competitions and training and manufactured in compliance with FINA facility rules.   • disks in high quality PP made with additives to ensure superior resistance to chemical agents and weathering; • disk diam. 120 mm., (15 per metre); • disks designed to reduce turbulence; • assembled on plastic-coated cables in AISI316 stainless […]

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