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Portable floors
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Indicated for trade shows, paddocks, manifestations and events, concerts, gazebos and tents, catering facilities, for emergency constructions and beach walkways.


Specially developed to protect or substitute pre-existing floors or to cover surfaces with grass, soil or sand.

Drain Floor

High quality plastic coated PVC, resistant to chemical products, sound proof, insulating.

Grip Deck

Thanks to its underlying 256 feet it remains raised above the underlying floor surface, favouring the elimination of fungi and bacteria.

Compo Floor

COMPO-FLOOR may be installed over almost any surface provided that it is smooth and even.

Skirting in rigid pvc

The colour of the PVC perfectly imitates wood’s

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Since 1972 we work with passion.

Thanks to many years of experience, professionalism and specialization, we are able to offer high quality products at low cost.

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