Sale of Swimming Pool Gratings

Production and Sale of Swimming Pool Gratings

Sale of Swimming Pool Gratings

DEPA was founded in 1972. Since its beginning, it has been operating in the field of production and sale of swimming pool gratings, technical products for swimming pools, non-slip portable flooring, beach walkways and technical surfaces for sports activities. We have become a leader in the production and sale of swimming pool gratings. This was achieved thanks to the many years of experience, professionalism and specialisation that we provide to our customers in order to offer high quality products at low costs.

Attention to customer requests has led DEPA to create innovative and cutting-edge products able to satisfy the most specific needs. The company is organised to satisfy both the demand for small lots and to offer a more considerable production. Fast delivery is guaranteed by an efficient service, a very flexible production structure and great stock availability.

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Sale of Swimming Pool Gratings

DEPA swimming pool gratings have a structure that guarantees high flow rate and mechanical resistance. They are made with innovative and non-slip materials, anti-UV additives that prevent yellowing due to sunlight, anti-shock additives that guarantee better resistance to stress. Furthermore, these gratings are resistant to micro-organisms and bacteria that create mould, do not contain cadmium and lead, and their production process complies with RoHS and REACH regulations.

DEPA swimming pool gratings are made with eco-friendly and tailored formulations. In fact, our company has always been committed to respecting the environment for which we choose raw materials free of heavy metals.
The technological and constructive innovation, associated with the use of top quality materials, with a particular respect for the environment has always distinguished DEPA swimming pool gratings.


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